Home improvement, through the eye of a estate agent!

  • 12/04/2018
Home improvement, through the eye of a estate agent!

Are you thinking home improvement is needed because your family is growing, you want extra income from some unused space or you just want to revamp your property? It’s worth considering what to put your money into before you take the step into handing it over to the builders and find yourself in regrets.

We have put together a list of home improvement projects for your consideration to get value for money on your investment so get reading to make an informed choice today.



Gone are the days with divided dining, lounging and eating areas. Nowadays, a through lounge to the kitchen is the desired effect, giving an open plan feel with the kitchen as the focal point to the area. Tackling a well-installed kitchen is a must if you want to sell your home quickly and at a good price. Pay attention to quality units, worktops, appliances, under floor heating, as well as the decoration. Nailing this right will enhance the sellability of your home and give you best selling prices too, but be careful as overspending on gadgets can, in fact, kill your return on investment.



Having some outside space is great, especially if you are living in London where space is a premium. So if you have it, treat it like another room to your house and consider it for a well thought through piece of landscape suitable for entertaining, with the addition of Mother Nature’s gifts. Ensure you choose easy to maintain sources such as evergreen planting, decking and paving for your patio area and keep up with the maintenance and do regular pruning, weeding and all that cleaning stuff we usually would do to any other part of our homes. Fact is, a well-groomed garden will add value to your property and is a priority amongst buyers too. So boost your property value with these additions too:


1.  Garden Accessibility

  • If you have a flat with an unconnected garden, consider applying to the council to install stairs from your flat to your garden. Giving easy garden access with add value to your lives and your property value
  • Install glass doors and windows to the back of your home to increase visibility and accessibility to ground floor flats and houses

2. Garden Lighting

  • Decking lighting is beautiful for the summer evenings, creating ambiance in the garden
  • Sensor lighting can be installed for quick garden usage

3. Garden Furniture

  • o Consider using simple garden furniture to compliment your outside space. Be cautious not to overload within small spaces. Shiny and well-kept garden surfaces will give your home some kerb appeal
  • Minimise clutter with from toys and garden games but do make your garden child friendly, especially if you living in such a neighbourhood that would demand it


Loft Conversion

A loft conversion can create an additional 1 to 2 bedrooms, with the addition of a bathroom subject to space permitting… converting your unused loft space into more living in space. Now this is something to think about if you have a growing family or you want to let your rooms out for additional income.


Cellar Conversion

Do you have an existing cellar? Then lucky you! Converting your existing cellar into additional living in space can enhance your property value significantly. But bear this math in mind: ensure you square foot expense is less than the square foot price for your area.

The good thing is you don’t need planning permission to convert your existing cellar into usable space. All you need to do is apply for a change of use’. However, you will need planning consent if you are excavating, digging deeper for more headroom space and such improvement will need underpinning and expert attention.


Convert Your House into Flats

If you want extra income, get a premium for your investment or you just want to house an extended family without having to leave your own home, then converting your home into flats could be the option for you. Best suited to freeholders but you will need to apply to the council to gain permission before converting into flats. You will usually see good rental income and long-term profits on your future sale.


Open Plan Living

Open plan living is favored by most nowadays as it brings the family together into one hub and adds value to family life. Creating an open plan living space in traditional homes is a relatively simple process, bringing together the dining and lounge areas into 1. It can be a cost-effective solution to adding value to your property if the dividing walls are not load bearing but do seek expert builder advice for load-bearing walls as the ceiling will need support before having the wall removed.


Rear and Side Extension

An extension is perfect for creating more ground floor living space and increasing kitchen while creating a seamless walkthrough to the garden with bi-folding doors. It can be a costly expense and take away some outdoor space but it’s worth every penny if you want a valuable boost to your property sale.


Do give call us before you embark on any project. Our expert agents know the Walthamstow, Leyton and Chingford areas and roads well and will guide you into making the right choice for you if you want to enhance your rental income or sales value potential.