What should your criteria be when finding tenants?

  • 03/11/2017
What should your criteria be when finding tenants?

Landlords and estate agents have the upper hand nowadays, especially in London because there are more tenants then there are housing on market. So why shouldn’t we look for quality tenants and pick and choose the right ones for our properties.

Finding the right tenants is high priority especially for landlords who are scared of tenants destroying their property and its contents or no payments so have had to burden legal and court fees to evict. Now, I hear you say… ‘guaranteed rent’ takes away this stress from a landlord (and it surely does) but as a landlord you will have to tie yourself into a lower rental income and you could expect local authority tenants in your property too. At Sincere Properties, we know the ways in picking and choosing quality tenants for your property without worrying about tenants not paying up or destroying your property.

If all that we have outlined truly does concern you, then read on…

We have a portfolio of long lasting tenants that we have built good relationships with over the years who love living and working with Waltham Forest. We know their payment patterns, the love they put into their homes and how respectful they are to their neighbours too. Now these are our favourite tenants that we have already referenced so we have full confidence when suggesting your property to them and vice versa.

But how about the new tenants, and by these we also mean the new comers to the country, students and local authority funded tenants too.

tenancy agreement

We boldly say no to DSS tenants, not because we don’t trust their intent but with our experience, their payments can sometimes fail due to their benefits stopping. With so many professional tenants on the market, we believe our properties deserve tenants with financial stability.

What about other potential tenants? Well we quality check prospective tenants references, financial status, work history, credit checks and stipulate a deposit to hold your property off the rental market even before all the check have taken place and approved. We will ask for a generous 6 months payment up front from tenants for further reassurance and a grantor for peace of mind too.

Depending on the your service package, we will manage your inventory, quality checking your property’s contents, fixtures and fittings to ensure all is in good order before the tenant accommodates it. 2 to 3 monthly inspections will follow to ensure your property is all in order and tenant isn’t abusing or misusing their home too.

With all these controls in place at Sincere Properties, there is no reason for you to consider a guaranteed rent scheme with lower rental income when we have the right tenants here for you already. Call us now to find your quality tenants today.